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6/26/2019-6/29/2019 Creation Festival 2019 @ Aagape Farm, Shirleysburg Pa

Cost: Adult (14+) $95. ~ Children (7-13) $45.

Price includes all Performances and Campsite! If Interested Contact Kimberly Lee (570)955-9691


7/4 & 7/5 - 9am-2pm Yard Sale at LOC, If you want a table cost is $10.00 Contact Kim Hanon

7/14 - Church Picnic Everyone please bring a dish, Baptism in our beautiful pond will be offered if interested!

7/20 - Youth Car wash!


8/9 - Joshua Aaron ~ Peckville AOG Tickets $15 & $ 25

8/16 Knobels

8/22  -  8/25  ~ Sky Lake Camping  See Korey

Light of Christ Church

Route 247

2071 Moosic Lake Rd

Mt. Cobb, Pa. 18436

Phone: 570-630-6254



Church @ 10am Followed by Prayer Time


Mcdonalds Bible Study @9AM IN Hamlin W/Pastor Pat

Romans @12pm w/Blaine Shaffer

Drama @ 5pm W/Dr.Lisa

Trailblazers For Christ @6:30pm W/Pastor Lisa


The Gospel Project @4:30pmW/Kim & Kelly

Choir Practice @6pm W/Maryellen Sexton

Study On Prophecy @7pm W/ Lee Wotonis


ST.Mary's Villa @6:30pm W/ Susan Knight

New Life To Live @7PM W/Ed Ashcome


Blanket Ministry @ 10am W/ Joyce West



Evening Services @ 7pm

Welcome Brothers & Sisters in Christ

VBS 2019


7/29 - 8/2

9AM -12PM

Light of Christ Church

John 3:16 (NIV)
For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Weekly Services - Saturday-7:00pm & Sunday-10:00am

Don't seek to develop a prayer life ~ seek a PRAYING LIFE..

A "prayer life" is a segmented time for prayer..

A "praying life" is a life that is SATURATED WITH PRAYERFULNESS -

you seek to do all that you do with the Lord.

~Dallas Willard~