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Our ministry was created to be an outreach of God's love and comfort through a simple symbol of human comfort...a blanket!  As we make our blankets, we pray for them and the person receiving them.  Let us always remind ourselves to keep our eyes on Jesus and His will for the person to receive.  Let us take our focus off the world and our own desires for our labors, and let God decide the destination and purpose of the gift!   We always remember we are doing God's work for ALL people!  The work is such a blessing to our church because both those receiving the blankets and the families who witness receive the love of the gift!  The prayer blankets bring comfort others and further the kingdom of God!

The prayer blanket ministry gets together on Thursday morning.  Please come with existing knowledge or we will teach you to make prayer blankets.  As the blankets are made, they are prayed for and our church family prays over them for distribution to all those needing healing...physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.  Please come and be a part of our special ministry. The blankets have been distributed locally and around the United States. Weekly we hear of the wonderful healing, comfort and strength that God gives those receiving them. This year so far we have made and distributed well over 300 blankets and hundreds of prayer squares. These wonderful women give of their time, talents and resources for the benefit of others.  It is a labor of love.

If you or someone you know has been touched by this ministry, consider donating.  A donation of supplies and/or cash for this ministry are always gratefully accepted and appreciated!  PRAYER BLANKETS are only available for free to our church family, but you receive a PRAYER SQUARE for a donation.  Please see below and experience the POWER OF PRAYER for yourself and your loved ones.

Prayer Squares NOW AVAILABLE!

Prayer Blanket Ministry

Our prayer blankets and prayer squares have given comfort and prayer to those who are sick, homebound and generally in need.  You can hear the testimonies to the miracles by visiting our MIRACLES page.  By popular demand, our PRAYER SQUARES are now available to anyone who has a loved one who needs comfort.  These cherished items are handcrafted by the members of our church and lovingly prayed over by them and the entire congregation.  For the donation amount of your choice, we will send you or your loved one a prayer square. 

Thank you, in advance, for your generous donation!  We will send to anyone upon request (but appreciate any donations) and we hope that you remember us and share your stories of miracles of the POWER OF PRAYER.  Please submit your prayer request with your name and address so that our prayer team can pray for you.  Your donations will help us continue our work of spreading the word of our Lord!