Light of Christ Church

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Berger/Delorenzo Family

William Wilson
Alan Thomas
Sue Edwards/Family
Breslin Family
Holister Family
Bob Hess
Randy's Uncle John
Joyce West
Jack Ziegler
Beverly Selestyn
Mary Golden
Patty's Brother Sonny
John (Heart Attack)
Donna's Granddaughter
Sarah, Natalie and Jeremy-Germany For Surgery
Brett & Rebekah Zeiler &Family
Jeannine Fronk
Bobby Toy
Kurt Owen
Pat Varga
Kait Mead
Barry & Carolyn

Lois Mead
Cliff Cron
Marett Kashlaw
Butch Wittenbrader
Kelly Weinand
Courtney Murphy
Jenny Heide
Eric Matchalat
KathyJo Rixford
Debbie Megargle
Mitchell Family
Griffitn Family
Kelly Mariani
Jeff Mundrake
Laurie Stookey

Mike Wittenbrader

Lucas & Braydon - Juvenile Diabetes

Marg's Daughter

Dottie Hill & Family

Great Great Nephew of Jackie Baby Hayden

Joyce Upton

Barbara Roberson
Sue (Song)
Robbie Daves Nephew
Matt & Joanne
Hazel Langan
Donna Barlow
Billy Mitchell
Manafred Kashlaw
Doris Kries
Mame Spudeno
Becky Clark
Charlie & Whittney
Zander Wheeland
​Chuck Haffler
Tugend Family
Penelope Heller
Wilbur Family

Bordi Family
Lennon/Ligi Family
Henwood Family
Cindy Collins
Alisha Kellog
Bill & Betty Taylor
Lynn Sexton
Patty Sowyer
Ralph - Hospice
Al Davidson
Fred Teck
Gary Fisher
Peggy's Brother Eric
Rodger Holmeyer
Susan Burke
Joe Schmidt's Family
April Hughes
Jacob Toy
Natalie Cook
Amanda Townend
Karen Toy
Charlie Corey
Frank West

Ashawn & Erineque

Allan Thomas Sr.

Kayla Nakonechn

Prayer Requests