Light of Christ Church

Contact:  Korey Washine, Superintendent

All children are welcome and encouraged to attend Sunday school during our 10:00 am Sunday services, As well as our Saturday evening services at 7:00pm ‚Äč 

Our church embraces the children and knows that it is our job to protect them, educate them and guide them on their paths to a relationship with Christ Jesus.  They are a part of our church and, therefore, encouraged to attend our service, as well as be an active part of it and to feel at home in God's house.

Through thoughtful and meaningful bible lessons, the children are taught about His word, as adults enjoy the same lesson as a regular part of the Sunday service.  The children are then asked to come to the front of our church where they are given a Father's blessing.  Then they go to the children's room to learn, enjoy fellowship and make artistic reminders of their ever-maturing faith in Jesus.

Our Sunday school teachers are committed to providing your child with the best and most positive experience they can.  In addition to our regular Sunday school, we provide drama, music, community service and vacation bible school experiences.

Sunday School